Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shopping haul for Maya

'The other line moves faster.'- Etorre's Observation

Hey Y'all

I went into town today to do some sightseeing and photograph a special project I am working (more on that later), whilst at the subway station I went into the shops. Most Subway stations have a mall attached to it. I went into H&M and there was a summer sale going on. So I came away with tons of clothes for my favorite girl. 

My haul

Cute 3-piece set

Pink ombre dress

Flowers tons of flowers

Diamonds or Squares?

This is a blue dress with cute kittens at the hem

2-piece set

For now this is a top but later on it will be a dress

Pink and red stripes on this cute little dress

My love Bug

Uncle and Niece 

What you wanna say? 

I cant wait for my Little Miss to wear these cute dresses however some are for much later and a few are for now. And for me, you ask? Nothing, nix, nada. Not a thing. I guess its true what they say-  once you become a mother, you will never shop for yourself again -

Or maybe today was just not for me........

Joy, Bliss and Sales

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