Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Months today

'The moment a child is born the mother is also born.  She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.'- Rajneesh

Hi all

My Love is 3 months old today!!!!! These have been the most amazing 91 days of my life. Every day is a Blessing and a Gift. I am so happy and content in my life and Maya completes my heart. My heart beats for my little girl. My joy is her smiles, my voice is her kisses and my soul is in her stares. 

Below are random pictures we took over the course of the last 30 days. 

Getting her shots

At my midwifes appointment

Inside the room

My NonaBear

Bath-time fun

Sleep-time with her teddy

A protection necklace 


Ready to shop

With her oupa

Picking out electronics

Park time side eye

I look good, so do you!!!!

After her shots.

Kisses for Mama

My favorite girl

At 3 months, Maya can
- Push her head up when she is on her tummy
- Talk on the phone
- Recognize faces
- Knows certain musical tunes
- Just started to grasp objects
- Has an even higher octave level (found this out at the mall - tres embarrassing)
- Sleeps through the night!!!!!
- Play in the bath water by kicking and splashing
- Babbles
- Laughs
- Smile at other people
- Took her first shower (did very good)
- Can hold a conversation filled with voice pitches, coos, breaks, laughs and smiles and sighs even. She has so much to say.
- Amazing facial expressions
- When I wipe her face after a feeding, Miss Maya can take the cloth and wipe away by herself!!!
- Almost roll over. She tries very hard.
- Started teething (not a nice experience)
- Is very fascinated when she goes out
- Loves car rides and the stroller. Doesn't like to stop.

All in all, am in total awe of my girl. Watching her grow and grow is a total wonderment to me and those around her. She is a Blessing in our home.

Peace, Joy and Kisses from Maya 

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