Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cloth Diaper review

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I wanted to do a final review on cloth diapers. We are totally sold on them!!!! Seriously best investment ever. Saves time, money, environment and so cute on baby Maya. 

Our cloth diapers 

The liner that goes between tush and diaper (part that gets flushed away)

Insert of the cloth diaper (this also gets washed)

All three

Clip close the first button

Clip the last two buttons as suits the baby's size (not too tight)

All Done!!! Ready to be 'used'.

I would recommend Cloth diapering to any new mother. Just think about this - Maya uses up to 12 diapers a day, this is peeing as well as pooing, day and night. Imagine, 12 diapers being thrown away every day.

With the cloths, we have a pail in the bathroom  and every morning we put water in it (filled with baking soda which we use as a detergent and which is also extremely safe and in expensive) and just add the cloths to it as they are dirty. At the end of the day, we wash the cloths and hang them to dry  for the next day. We bought 28 diapers, so we always have left over.  They dry very well. No mess, no fuss. Not to mention these diapers can last well into toddler years. And even used for another baby.

So for cloth diapering, its a big Yes !!!!!!

Note:  The decision to Cloth diaper was made after seeing all the cost benefits, reading reviews and personal experience from my mother (myself and my siblings all were cloth diapered). This is not a paid advertisement neither negative report against disposables diapers. We have used disposables with Maya when she was first born. And continue to use disposables when we go out. However for the most part its cloth diapers for us. Please consider what is best for your child.

Peace, Love and Cloths 

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