Monday, July 15, 2013

Protective style

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Hi everyone

This post is about protective styling. I really wanted to do a flat twist updo and boy did I try but y'all know me and twists don't go together. But I keep trying with them twists. Since my hair had already been detangled and moist with water I decided to just do a cornrow updo and single braids at the front. Onto pictures. 

From the side

The top

Front top

I detangled using  the tangle teezer, which I will do a post about tomorrow. I oiled my scalp with a mixture of coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Then I used Aloe Vera gel to do my cornrows. All this took me 3 hours, detangle,  scalp oil, make neat rows and plait. I decided to plait my cornrows from bottom up and the sides towards the middle, I had made a part in the middle so the two sides can meet and then I made a front part for a 'fringe', here I made individual braids which I twisted backwards to meet with the cornrows. I used about two bobby pins and this is the end result. At night I sleep with a scarf and am hoping to keep this in for at least four to six weeks. 

This is a protective style because Stockholm didn't get the memo that its summer and we are getting all kinds of weather here; rain, wind, cloudy and sunny. My hair cant handle it. Plus I am shredding something awful so I decided out of sight out of mind for a few weeks to give my hair a break. 

I gotta say, not bad for my first attempt at cornrows. 

Peace, Love and styles 

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