Wednesday, July 10, 2013


'Happiness is only real when shared'.- Jon Krakauer

Hello all

Today we spent the day out at Skansen, which is an open air museum and zoo located in Stockholm. It was founded to show the way of life in different parts of Sweden. Here is another link to Skansen. Onto pictures.

My brother helping to move Maya

Maya and half of my moms face. (Maya had to be woken up so I didn't get a proper picture)

Cheesecake for brunch

My little one not looking at the camera

Swedish meatballs, potatoes and berries. Yummy

Family day out

My mom

This was a farm laborers house. Two families would live in such a house and would only be hired for one year at a time. They would get rations of food from the farm and be allowed to grow their own potatoes on the land. 

An old school

Drinking well

Train ride anyone?

Feeding time for this mama and her babies

nom nom nom

Those cows are just chilling

My mom at a milestone. 

Very unhappy lady, because Mike had stopped the stroller. 

Mike and Maya

Just chilling

Side eye action

so tired

just had my lunch, so good. See evidence on my face!!!!

Maya and ouma

My baby is teething!!!!! Yep, she is getting some tooth action at 2 months and 18 days. Its cute and so sad at the same time because her poor gums itch and annoy her. She drools so much and is so very unhappy. Below I am rubbing her teeth with medicine and Aloe Vera gel mixed which seems to sooth her.

My poor love

ag shame.....

We didn't get to finish all of Skansen. So that means another trip soon. Yay!!!!! Love the summer time adventures in Stockholm. Weather is great, not so many people, calm beautiful lakes and great food.

Hope you are enjoying the July weather where ever you are.

Love, Joy and Sun

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