Friday, August 2, 2013

Stockholm Metro Art: Östermalmstorg

 'Art doesn't have to be pretty.  It has to be meaningful. '- Duane Hanson

Hi all

Continuing with our Tunnelbana artwork, I give you Östermalmstorg station. This station is a representation about Woman's rights and peace as well as the music of the Internationale and the Marseillaiseand and also names of the most famous men and woman in history. It was created by Siri Derket in 1965 using a specialized sandblasting technique. Onto Pictures

The station 

Peace, Shalom, Shanti......

Doorway lead by notes


See what I see?

Einstein and Satre

wonder what they are saying?

I love this one


 Love the musical notes

 Peaceful path


So there we have it. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Peace, Love and Art

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