Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Phone

' Apparently we love our own cell phones but hate everyone else's.'- Joe Bob Briggs

Hi all

During my pregnancy which I still cant believe was only 4 months ago, I dropped my phone (as well as my iPod and Laptop - my doctor said it was pregnancy related, my fingers weren't grasping and holding on tightly as usual).  So I only now got around to getting a new phone.  This phone was on promotion and at a great price, so I snatched it right up. This is my new cute little phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo 

Fits into the palm of my hand

This phone which is a smartphone, has
- Bluetooth
- Android operating system
- Java support
- Messaging
- Radio
- Camera
- Video
- Email
- Quick office
- Google+
- Messenger
- Music player
- Chrome
- Games
- Navigation

In terms of smart phones I like this one for the above features. I am not so techno savvy, so the usage of this phone was very easy for me. My last phone (HTC - desire) which was a gift from my brother was also as easy. I am the kind of gal that likes to keep phones, laptops etc for years. I don't ever do a serious upgrade until something is very wrong or the product just doesn't work anymore. So I really needed something small, durable and had everything I really needed. Nothing fancy. Just a simple phone that can do the work of the big boys. And my little Neo (such a cute name) can do all of that. Don't you know, great things come in small packages?

I love my new phone for one special feature, on the apps I can get tons of lullabies and cute little games for Maya. Win win for mama and baby!

Note:  This is not a promotion for Samsung, I am just letting you guys know about this cute little guy. This phone was bought and paid for with my own cash. Am sure there are a ton of other great phones out, but for me, this is my newest big purchase.

Peace, Love and WIFI

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