Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Skansen part 2

'I think my uncle was the biggest influence in my life. .We grew up in the same house, and he was just a really great, hardworking, honest, ethical person.'-  Catherine Bell


Yesterday, Maya, my brother Mike and I went back to Skansen and this time we visited the Aquarium. It was such a beautiful day well spent with my bro and my little miss. Sun, ice cream, great weather. What more could you ask for? Onto pictures

To the right, to the right.....

Mike and Maya


This guy was so high!!!!

Just chilling


Seriously curious 

ummm you sure bout this?

Whats over there?

These birds were whistling and saying 'Hello, hello'. 

Rattle snake


Looking for the flying monkeys, lol

You see me?

I see you!!!!

Just swimming

Maya fascinated 

So beautiful

Maya couldn't get enough of them.

So huge

Such a great use of space for this area

Not my thing....

My teething Little Miss

Not my thang....

So glad these are behind a glass window


Cute tush

This little guy was just at the door looking at me. I opted not to go in and visit him nor his buddies. I don't know him like dat. See how he is eyeing me? Yeah, missed that. 

Next up we visit the small children amusement park. Cant wait for my little girl to grow up to really enjoy places like these.

So sweet

Trying it out

Not sure if she likes it or not

And here is an elephant

Mike decided to try his hand at playing this game to win a prize for his niece

He did pretty good, won enough points to get her a blue rabbit with a carrot in her mouth.

Maya was too young for this. Maybe next time. 

Way too much fun.

Blue Rabbit ( name) watching over Maya

Then we headed into the Old town via boat. This was Mayas first time on a boat. Tip was so short but well worth it.

Our mode of transport

Mike and Maya

Waking up

Checking out the big rides

Gorgeous water front

Up, Up, Up!!!!

Again not my thing.....

Maya and her fav uncle

My two travel companions

So this is how I am spending my summer in Stockholm. Traveling and showing Maya around. Mike is amazing with her.I am very lucky to have such a great brother.

Peace, Bliss and Brothers

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