Friday, August 9, 2013

Stockholm metro art: Alby

'Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.'- John W. Gardner

Hi everyone

My next artwork piece was dubbed 'The cavern of secrets'.   The artwork was created by Olle Ångkvist in 1975. This station has green walls on which you can find signs, decorations and symbols all in different colors. Enjoy the pictures

The station

A bird in the clouds

These remind me of kids fingerprints and hand prints

So sweet

So quiet 

I think these are flowers or trees?

Definitely flowers

The other end

Chalk like

Such a cheerful station

Two people connecting?

In the cave


A waterfall maybe?

Nice bright orange seats

No idea what this is

Nor this one

So that's it. I leave you with these happy colorful images and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Kisses, Smiles and Symbols

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