Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stockholm metro art: Kungsträdgården

'A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.'- Oscar Wilde

Hiya every one

Continuing with our Tunnelbana artwork, I present to you Kungsträdgården.  This stations work was done by Ulrik Samuelson in 1977 and more was added in 1987. This station has been transformed into an underground garden depicting the history of Kungsträdgården.  With the greenery symbolises the plant life of the baroque garden, and the red the gravel and the white the marble statues.  At this station we see 
cast sculptures once on display at Makalös Palace, formerly on the same site, an 
elm tree trunk clad in stone, representing the successful Battle of the Elms 
against the felling of the park’s elm trees when the station was being built in 1971, 
and a waterfall in the rock.

At one end -  the Arsenalsgatan exit -  there is a kind of archaeological dig with ancient columns and fragments that once belonged to the National Art Museums. Gas lamps from Torsgatan can also be seen here, as well as anonymous remnants of buildings from a vanished Stockholm. Onto pictures. 


Over the escalators

Strong door

Going down





Archaeological dig 

More of it

Closer shot


Left or Right?


Waiting for the metro

Love this


My new fav stop, lol

Hope you are enjoying this series of artwork. Its such a wonderful experience and journey for me going from one stop to another and at each station finding new and unique works of art.

Peace, Art and Joy

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