Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. James Park, London

'Flowers are the Sweetest things God ever made, but forgot to put a soul into'
-Henry Beecher

Just playing catch up with my London pictures.

Here are some pictures I took of St. James park. I love parks and gardens (and I have a green thumb ;-) ) even though I constantly need tissues just to get me through a walk. But boy do I love gardens......nothing better than a picnic under some trees, with some sippy sippy, some sandwiches, and a slice of cheese cake with ice cream thrown in. And a good book. And of course great company. Or just a really really good book. Onto the pictures.......

its a Squirrel!!!!!!!
I can totally see myself under this tree with a good book......

It looks like the gardens in and around Stockholm will be fantastic as well. So look out for more Gardens, Flowers, Forests, Lakes and overall Natural Gorgeousness!!!!!!!

Peace, Blessings and Flowers.

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