Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Clothing Haul

'The truly fashionable are beyond fashion'
Cecil Beaton

Good morning dears
Ladies, I did mention that I was getting my self into shape right? Well, Your's truly went shopping and I got my some cute stuff to rock during Spring and Summer. Here are some stuff I bought.

My little collection
My new black light cardigan
My new Favorite dress. Its stretchy at the top and shiny, satiny at the bottom. Ohhh la la indeed.
back of the dress
some bling bling for my finger
the smaller of the two is a ring and the larger a bracelet.

This is a strapless greenish dress.

this is a t-shirt dress that for me needs leggings

another t-shirt dress that needs leggings or shorts
I am trying to inject some colour into my wardrobe and specifically move away from Black. Ohhhhhh I saw a sign that read ' White is the New Black'.......... don't know bout that.

My sister and sign.

Also, let me just say little shopping haul was on the inexpensive side. Yep ladies, no shame in my game. I buy from the Red Banner side.......until I win that Lotto, then its on!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Blessings and Color


  1. Had a great time shopping. I especially love the jewelry pieces. I love/wear alot of silver.

  2. I am loving shopping now....... its beginning to grow on me. Especially now that I can find things to wear. Its so exciting going into shops and knowing I have nothing holding me back...ahem except for the green stuff!!!!!!! Ohhhhh silver and gold looks good on all woman!!!!!!! Am sure you rock silver well.


Thank You for your comment!!!!!!!