Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Henna (Indigo) process with pictures

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- George Matthew Adams

Hi everyone

Back to the Henna (Indigo) edition (will post pictures soon - am still trying!!!!)

So, after I made my mixture and added honey, I set about combing my hair and splitting it into fours (two parts at the back and two parts in front) with my clips and claws. I then started at the back and worked my way to the front of my head. The application process it self was OK, I went line by line with my comb making sure I covered my whole head, however it was Messy (the floor, sink and my clothes). I just decided to clean and wipe as I went along (working at a kindergarten trains you for this), I also did this along my hairline, ears and neck. Then I cling filmed/saran wrapped my head and then covered that with my shower cap. I went about my way, watched YouTube Videos and did some reading, 4 and half hours later I was ready to hit the shower.

After I removed the shower cap and cling film/saran wrap, it looked like my hair was loc'd (which I secretly loved) I was very worried that it was hard but in actual fact, it was extremely soft to touch and I could manage it quite well. So after getting under the shower, I just rinsed away. I continued to rinse and rinse. All the while noticing how soft and much more thicker my hair was - this is also may have been due to the fact that I hadn't had my 'natural' hair in over more than a week (since my roller set and flat iron). But boy was it heavy and thick. I had read that when 'washing' out the Henna, its best to rather use conditioner and do a proper wash with shampoo in a few days. Which is what I opted to do. It cant hurt right? So I used a lot of conditioner and continued to wash my head until the water ran clear (no longer black/dark green).

When I was done, I just put my hair in a bun and called it a night.

Sorry, for the bad quality

When I was done, I just put my hair in a bun and called it a night.

So.......Am I sold?
Yes and No.
No because, I didn't use Henna powder and Indigo - I took a shortcut and just used Indigo.
Yes, because I loved how soft and thick my hair was under the shower. Also, I loved how my curls came alive after coming from under the shower (I was a bit worried since it looks like I may have 2 or three different textures - curly, straight and wavy). Which is strange since I didn't transition and I started my hair journey bald. I just figured I would have all over just the same, but hey thats the way, my head of hair works. I will further investigate this.

Overall, I like what I came away with. My hair is now 3 days post Indigo and I have to wash it with shampoo (will do so on day 4- I have a small sample of Sulfate free shampoo that I want to try out) and then I can really assess it, but thus far, I can tell you, its soft, thick and blacker (much darker), hopefully there will be some sun so I can have a really good look.

I will do the process again but next time with Henna powder and Indigo - I like my dark hair and have no reason to change it lighter - for now anyways. Never know, tomorrow, I may decide to rock a blond look ;-)

So let me know if there are any questions.

Peace, Love and hair assessments.


  1. I have been meaning to try a henna treatment for my mother. She is constanly damaging her hair with dyes. I like the fact that it's also able to soften your hair which is a major plus.

    I also loveeee that quote you have up, amazing.

  2. Awwww Thank you so very much. I re-read that quote, its very beautiful huh? I like the way certain words just fit perfectly together. As for the Henna, it really is just wonderful for hair. I hear the more often you do it the better the overall health of your hair is. Which is why, I want to try and do it once a month - if not more.

  3. I'm sold!
    Enough said!
    But, I'll try to hold out til my 1yr loc'day in November. Oh, and I'll source the Indigo and Henna in the mean time.
    With the thickness and softness, is there added shine as well? And what other daily products (not necessarily brand wise) have you used since then?

  4. Oh, sorry I forgot to ask earlier...other than the packet saying 'Black Henna' Indigo, what is the exact brand (so that I can ask around at the supplies stores)? I read it should be BAQ - body art quality.

  5. Hi Naturaleza, Yes it was Body Art Quality. As for shine, and overall health, I have just been applying my Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Amla oil, all mixed with Shea Butter. I am really hoping to upload pictures tomorrow of what the hair looked like immediately after the wash. I loved it, it was so beautiful, thick and shiny. And tomorrow I really want to do a proper wash as well as a wash n' go. But definitely, its worth a shot, just for the conditioning aspects.

  6. Love your new photo! Is this one post-Indigo?

  7. Thank you, nope it isn't post Indigo. Its the braids I had before (these were professionally done, not the ones I did myself). I think post Indigo, I may revisit 2 strand twists.


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