Thursday, April 28, 2011

My product haul......Product junkie in the house!!!!!!!!!

' A person buying ordinary products in a supermarket is in touch with his deepest emotions'
- John Kenneth Galbraith

Hello ladies

London brought out the Junkie in me!!!!!!!!!!! I went ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh, wow, ohhhhhh and hhhhhaahhahah again and again,as I walked past the hair product aisle. So much to choose from, so little suitcase space. It was more of what can I pack into my suitcase and what do I dare leave behind? I swear I would gladly have left everything and just carried products. It was that serious. Onto what I got.......

My London Haul

From Aussie I got - Miracle hair insurance --- leave in conditioner
Dual Personality -----Anti Frizz & Conditioning milk
3 minute miracle re-constructor ------ deep conditioner
From Herbal Essences I got - Hello Hydration ------ shampoo and a small conditioner
Beautiful Ends ------Split end protection cream (leave in)

Tesco - Smooth Conditioner -----Jojoba & Balsam
Extracts ------ Coconut conditioner
A Denman brush - D14 small (couldn't find a bigger one, but am grateful for what I got)
and a Hot pink paddle brush.

All this, including, my clothes, shoes, stuff for the fam and everything I had already packed resulted in my suitcase having a Red Airport sticker on it boldly written HEAVY!!!!!!!!! Boy was I in a panic on that flight thinking- They must not tell me to pay for no extra kilo's coz,That is most def not in the Financial Year 2011/2012 Budget. Hell to the NAW!!!!!!!! But it was all good. My bag was just heavy thats all. I had please let me be written all over my face.

So, since I still have my other products to get through, these will be safely packed away until needed or I get itchy fingers. No, but on the Real, it was more of the fact that I can't seem to find these particular products here, so I bought them to use and see how they go with my hair. I really wanted to try them out you know.

So watch out for reviews and gorgeous hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings, Joy and Getting my product fix.


  1. Ha! Jesus, you cleaned the city out!

  2. You know I tried!!!!!!!!! I would have gotten more toooo even it weren't for the fact that I was scared my suitcase may be tooo full. London hasn't seen the last of me yet!!!!!!!!


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