Friday, April 1, 2011

Retail Therapy...... in my own way.

Buying something on sale is a very special feeling. In fact, the less I pay for something, the more worth it is to me. I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it. I could spill something on it and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?'
Rita Rudner

Hiya everyone,

So the same day that Nico was acting up I decided to pamper myself and do some girly shopping. Now, some girls, like shoes (I do too) some girls like Chocolates (once a month when my Aunt comes to visit), some girls like makeup, bags, clothes ______________ (insert what does it for you) and some girls are like me, they like candles. Actually, I like everything, but really what I Love above all else are postcards, old poetry books and journals (I am most happiest reading and writing). ohhhh photography and traveling......and cheesecake.
However today's post isn't about that. Today is about me being upset with Nico and having to buy things which were not in the 2011/2012 Financial Year Budget. Believe me, Nico is in Big Trouble.

Here are my goodies.
Head massage thingie - I need it for the stress and also to stimulate growth. I read that some place......Will go nicely with all the oils I am using.
two candle holders
Homemade apple pie and cinnamon scented candles
Liquorice and Grapefruit scented candles
Bubblegum and White Jasmine scented candles
Lemon-grass and White Vanilla scented candles
Shower cap - for a true beauty. I gather they mean me?
Hot Chocolate - 100% real Belgian Chocolate (this will probably get a post all by itself)
So, I needed to get all these things to calm myself and figure out what I was gonna do. It was either all this or get Vodka. This was cheaper. Also, very soon, I will post about the 2011/2012 Financial Year Budget. That way, everyone - you, me and my hating bank account are all on the same page.

Just a quick note:

I started taking my Spirulina tablets this morning (its says on the packet for the first week take 2-4 per day, so I am following what it says on the instructions on the packet), I did my Pilates (stretching my leg and doing some crunches, some squats and worked on my abs etc) after my shower I added some Argan oil and Aloe Vera gel to my body lotion (its not really a lotion - its a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter) and applied that to my skin- all over from face to my tippy toes. Later today I plan on soaking my hands in some Argan and lemon juice + water and applying a little to my nails and cuticles, as for my hair (it was feeling a bit dry), so I just massaged some Argan oil + Jojoba oil to my scalp, edges and ends, I want to Henna on Sunday. So that's me done. Will keep you posted on how things progress during this month.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

Peace, Blessings and Indulgence

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