Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ohhhhhhh Spring is in the air. Playing catch up.

'Art is not living. it is the use of living'.
Audre Lorde

Hello dears

So Spring has finally began to make its appearance and boy is in gorgeous in Stockholm. And can I just yell out: I made it threw a Swedish winter y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone kept saying how hard the winter will be, how cold, how awful blah blah blah. But I made it through and I only had the flu once!!!!!!!!!! So yep, me is happy. Honestly it wasn't so bad, only thing that made it worse than it really was was the fact that I come straight from Abuja to here and we only had like 2 weeks of very late Autumn then it began to get dark and cold. But apart from that, it was bearable. Heck, I lived in Austria for 7 years, so cold weathers I can handle.

So what's been happening with moi - you may be asking. Well, been keeping a somewhat low profile, working on getting my CV's out (need new sources of income), putting my paperwork together (I have assignments and papers due towards the end of the year and I like to begin my preparations early on), working out, etc. Lets break this down..... in no particular order

1) Job front - Looking, praying and staying positive.
2) Weight front - working out, eating small meals a day.
3) Hobbies - more photography, writing poetry again, working on short stories
4) Love front - single but not looking- hopefully he is lol.
5) Hair front - have my hair in a protective style for this week.
6) University front - have applied to a number of places, just waiting on the outcome. (in case you are wondering, I am studying via correspondence and long distance is not doing it for me any more). Am working on finishing my degree.

Posts coming up (this week and next):
Everyone should know about......
Ever in .............
My three camera's aka little guys in my life.
London product haul
Spring clothing haul
My first heels
Leg update
Spring pictures of Stockholm
Stockholm zoo and bonfire (big event that is happening this weekend)
St James park, London.
Hair for spring - what I will do, try to do and continue to do
Spirulina progress report

Ohhhhhhh looks like I am gonna be a busy bee huh?

Peace, Blessings and getting ready for Spring


  1. Missy! You are gonna be busy! Anytime at all to relax and enjoy spring its glory!?

    *Smile* Don't mind my chat...I cannot wait to see the end results of all your hard work!

  2. hey girl, no worries, in between all the blogging, will be ice cream runs, swimming, walks in the woods/forests, some short trips in Europe, bus rides around Stockholm and so much more. Been waiting a long time for Spring and Summer and I really wanna do as much as possible before winter sets in again. I hear summer is a blink and you miss it kinda deal this far north lol.


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