Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first heels - 10 years later.

'Cinderella is proof, that a pair of shoes can change your life'
- Don't Know

Hi ladies

Lets just get to the goodness, shall we? I bought me some heels y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, it will be a while before I will wear them, but they just looked so gorgeous and ummmm cheap. These babies were on SALE!!!!!!!!!! I mean 70% off, I mean I found them under a BIG RED Banner that had Sale and my name written all over it (Fine if the store knew my name it would have been on the banner). Plus they were my size (okay technically they are a little itsty bitsy big, who knew my small size in Sweden is slightly bigger in the UK but I can put some stuffing into them) did I mention I bought heels?!!!!!!! Lets not sweat the small details (lol). So ummm to my pretty little new babies.

I have added these babies to my other shoes and they are all getting along very well. I told you guys, I am expanding my shoe collection. I cannot wait until the day I rock these shoes, ohhhhhh I am gonna be FIERCE!!!!!!!!! I got my catwalk pose going on already. I am convinced these heels will stop traffic, Cars will stop and people will stop whatever they are doing just get a glimpse of my strutting my stuff in my new shoes. Just know, when Traffic comes to a halt in Stockholm, it is because I wore these shoes. Don't Say I didn't warn you.

In case you are wondering - Yes these are my first high heels after deciding to wear normal, proper, non-built up shoe. I did have a pair built up when I was in High School for my prom/matric and that was 10 years ago. I begged and begged my doctor to allow me and I had to get a specific kind that could be cut up and built on. So this is a momentous occasion for your's truly.

Love, Blessings and Shoes


  1. I can never for the luck of me ever find my size on sale either that or it's the atrocious color left. So lucky you! I totally had envisioned you in them shoes stopping traffic! Get'em girl!

  2. Girl, you have no idea!!!!!!!! I was so happy to see them babies (hello Mariah) and still on sale. I had them in my trolley the whole time. Wasn't about to let these babies go. Yep yep Stockholm traffic is about to get a gorgeous surprise;-)


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