Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Milestones

'A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights shorter, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten and the future worth living for'. - unknown

Happy Wednesday everyone

We are today 6 weeks old and what an amazing few weeks it has been. Especially the last 2-3 weeks. Maya has reached some very impressive milestones!!!! My baby is Smart!!!!! (Betcha every mama says that about their baby huh?) 

Maya can follow movement with her eyes, therefore her eyesight is pretty good. So good that if I leave her and move away she will follow me with her eyes till I am out of sight or till she cant turn her head to see me. 

- She can hear really good, but that I already know since she had her hearing test which was deemed perfect lol. However, she knows the voices in our family - mamas, oupa, ouma and her uncle. I gathered my dad's voice is her favorite.  Anytime someone comes into the room and start talking she turns her head to hear and then wants to see the person. 

- She has started to smile. So cute!!!!!! Toothless cuteness smiles. 

- She has also started to laugh. 
Cute story, I had her in my bed co-sleeping when I was awakened by this strange sound,  so I turned and saw Lil Mama laughing and smiling in her sleep!!!!! It was so cute!!!! She does that very often when sleeping. Just randomly laughs or smiles. Must be having great dreams. 

- She can briefly hold her head and turn it side to side.

- She has a cute range of facial expressions like raised eyebrows (gets that from me), frowning, putting her lips together (like when you pout). Maya studies our faces intensely when being held. My dad always remarks how she stares deeply at him. 

- Maya has started what I believe to be baby talk or coos. She loves 'talking' when being held. We hold 'conversations' at 3 am most mornings. Mostly I tell her my plans for the day (shower, wash hair or eat) or beg her to go back to sleep and she just smiles and laughs and I think she says 'forget it' and 'no ways but Thanks for asking'. 

Below are pictures taken of Yemaya during the last 2 weeks. 

Maya with her friends Molly and Jenny

 Us at the mall, her first time in the stroller (this was when we went for passport pictures), my braids are still holding up nicely. I want to remove them in 2 weeks. Then I would have had them for exactly 8 weeks. 

 rocking shades

Looking at me,

 Looking at you...

 Looking at me....

Kissy faces

 Look at that hair!!!!

Ohhhh miss Maya has also grown in height. At birth she was 48 cm and now she is 59 cm, this is both fabulous and sad,......  see my baby has long legs, I have short legs, and my baby is almost 60 cm at nearly 2 months. I am 1,50 cm tall at 31 years,  I get the feeling, Maya will be taller than me. Seriously!!!!  No joke. Well at least I will have someone to get the stuff off of tall shelves for me then. I guess.

So there we have it. 6 weeks for greatness. Everyday is a Blessing.

Peace, Love and Kisses

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