Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fragrance

'Smelling good is always important'.- Anon

Hi everyone

I want to introduce to you my latest addition to my fragrance collection. Some women collect bags (I do too), some shoes (I do too), some postcards (I used to) and some collect perfumes. I am one of those woman. I love perfumes. Seriously. I have a thing about smelling good and having my scent linger on. Many a times I have had strangers come up and ask me what I am wearing.  Especially on bus trips when I am forced to stand really close to someone...... So drum roll please!!!!!! 

Lady Gaga - Fame 

My newest baby

Gorgeous bottle

Loves it. 

This fragrance actually has its own wiki page and talks about how it came to fruition. But for me, all I am interested in, is the beautiful design of the bottle and the wonderful smell. This lovely bottle has notes of Apricot, Honey, Saffron - which already are yummy, then they added Tiger orchid and Incense and very uncommonly they added Atropa Belladonna which has a not so good reputation of being a poison  in ancient Roman times. So you can just imagine how fabulous the combination of these notes are in this Black liquid. Which by the way, this may be a black liquid but it sprays clear. How super is that?!!!

Cant wait for proper summer to unleash this baby on the Stockholm public..... or just on Maya and my family. 

Note:  This is not a paid advertisement (actually this perfume came out longggggg time ago. I was just sleeping on it). I am not affiliated with Lady Gaga (I wish) or Coty, Inc. 

Peace, Love and Fame

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