Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For the Love of books part 2

'Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him'.- Maya Angelou

Hi everyone

This post is about second hand books we have for Maya. These books were bought at a store my mom found where moms donate or sell second hand baby stuff like clothes, toys, shoes, bathtubs, furniture, skis, dvd's and tons of books. Everything they have is in great condition and so well maintained by the parents and kids. I have even found books that children wrote in but in pencil. Making it easier to rub out. However I love those books coz you find cute little mis-spelled words.  Not always in English but we lucked out and got these cute little gems. 

Our English collection

This one is waiting for Christmas

A cute little pop-up book

This bath-time book is waiting for Maya to be more comfortable in the bathtub 

Another Christmas book and a cute book with tons of pictures of different babies.

Sharing and Pets ( 2 very important topic's)

And lastly night time books. 

I cant wait to start sharing my love for books with Maya bear. I have my own personal favorites that I want to read to her as well as share my love of poetry with her. So much fun stuff to do with my favorite girl!!!!! I know lots of people say to enjoy the newborn stage as it goes very quickly but for me I kinda want her to grow up a little bit faster now, like get to the crawling or sitting up or even grabbing stuff stage. Even-though I will admit I love watching her when she sees stuff for the first time, or hearing someone speak or a piece of music, I guess I am just in a hurry to see what kind of little lady I will have on my hands.

One thing I am very Grateful though is that Maya has taught me to be patient and calm and take small steps. Really small steps. Tiny small steps.... you get the idea.

Peace, Joy and Patience

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