Thursday, June 20, 2013

mini product haul (first for this new mama)

'There are two ways to get enough. One is to  continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less'. - G. K Chesterton

Hi all

I decided that after taking my braids out, I wanted to try the ' Conditioner Only Method', but modified. So I went and bought different conditioners to give a try and see which one I will eventually stick with. Below is what I came away  with on my recent shopping trip. Not much but it was good. 

My haul

My 3 new conditioners

Klippoteket Balsam - Normal Conditioner with Aloe Vera ( and 'Beer Yeast extract - great for detangling, protection and strengthening')

Pantene Nature Fusion - Moisture Balance Conditioner 

Paul Mitchell Original - the Conditioner ('Leave in moisturizer, helps to balance moisture, prevent dryness and improve texture')

Tangle Teezer - Black (The Professional detangling hairbrush) 

what it looks like

hair bands

Three facial masks

Fudge warm mask ( for deep cleansing) Ingredients include Mediterranean clay, Glycerin, Vanilla extract, Zeolite (Volcanic mineral), Kaolin (fine clay).

Chocolate Mud Mask ( for deep cleansing and re-hydrating skin) Ingredients includes Cocoa and Shea butter, Kaolin, Illite (clay mineral) and Dead Sea minerals

Gentle scrub mask ( exfoliating deep cleanser) Ingredients include Honey, Sugar cane crystals, Argan oil, Passion flower extract, Sweet Almond oil, Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera  Lotus Blossom extract Evening Primrose extract, Panax Ginseng root Extract

A closer picture of the Tangle Teezer

I was the Happiest person when I saw the Paul Mitchell and Tangle Teezers in the stores. I was the most unhappiest when I saw the prices, but hey charge it to the game (so always wanted to use that phrase!!!!!). I will do a proper review on the Tangle Teezer as soon as I have used it.

About my hair. I took out the braids. Forgot to take pictures. Gasp!!!!!! I know.

However, I didn't lose as much as I thought considering this is my first time after having Maya that I am dealing with my hair - it was in braids for 9 weeks. And its postpartum hair. I did however notice that my edges have broken at the temples. I did do a quick length check and my hair reaches under my arm pits but I wont know for sure till I do a proper roller-set and perhaps flatiron to really get an accurate length idea.

For now, my hair is in large chunky twists and tied in a bun. Which is the reason for hair bands. I keep loosing them or they seem to be with the one sock that never gets to be with its partner. My hair is very soft though and I noticed a lot more thinner then before. And so much more manageable. Its really not as thick as it was before I got pregnant. So am really excited to see what pregnancy and postpartum has left my hair.

Note: All these products were bought and paid for with my own money. This is not a paid advertisement. I will be trying these products for the first time.

Joy, Smiles and Hair

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