Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cupcakes and Smiles

'A day without cupcakes is a day wasted'.- Anon


Recently my mom asked me to make cupcakes and well I cheated and used a box mix. Hey, don't judge me, life is too short and with a baby that has now learned to coo, smile, giggle and laugh, Life is way better spending time with her. 

 The cake box I used

Orange and Choco Flavour!!! Yummy

Mines - This mix was very easy just add egg, milk, oil and mix with the mixture give. Then bake until the cup cakes have risen. 

For the icing I used whipping cream and icing sugar since we
didn't have soft cheese on hand. 

Good with milk

Pure beauty

That front one is waiting for my lips (to go down to my hips)

Ready to eat


Miss Maya getting a bathroom sink bath at 2am. 

See that baby hair line?!!! So cute

A smile for mama!!!!!

Smile and tongue 

Here she was giggling and cooing

 My word I am so freaking happy Finally got these smiles and coos and giggles on camera. 17 June 2013, at 1:30 ish am. We got this on film. Done.

Note:  I am not affiliated with Belbake products. It was just a box mix my mom had that she bought and paid for which she asked me to make for her. It was so yummy and good, I decided to take pictures and post. Simple. Plus baking isn't my thing. Hence the shortcut.

Peace, Love and Smiles

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