Thursday, May 9, 2013

Manicure and a Massage

'You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance'.- Franklin P. Jones

Hiya All

Sorry for the lack of posting but have mainly been resting, feeding, pumping, changing and burping Maya. Nothing really exciting lol. Miss Maya recently made 2 weeks and it was time to do her nails. Below are pictures of her first manicure, she did very well. Basically just looked at me, and let me do her nails then she went back to sleep. Easy Peasy. 

Side eye action..... Hope you know what you are doing? 

Here you go......This finger please

Nice and relaxed

Happy Little Girl

Checking out my handy work

Finishing up

I also recently gave Maya her first massage after giving her a bath and she loved it!!!!! How do I know? well she didn't cry and was calm and relaxed throughout. I used the baby oil that I got from the hospital and warmed it in my hands and just massaged her from head to toes and tushie. She slept beautifully that night  - 5 hours!!!!!! 

She has also gained a lot more weight and gone over her birth weight which is very good. So am seriously happy with my little Maya bear.

So that's basically it for us. Will really try and upload more as the weeks go by. 

Love, Joy and Nails

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