Monday, May 27, 2013

31 Birthday

'Its not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they get old. They get old because they stop pursuing dreams'. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hi everyone

So recently I celebrated my 31 birthday (25 of May - also Africa Day). It was a pretty quiet day for me, stayed in bed with Maya then had cake with my family. Nothing much. As I grow older I realize I don't really want to do much on these special days. Slow is good, its a great pace. 

 Below are a few pictures I remembered to take.

Presents for Maya and I

Set of Silver spoons for Maya

Mama and Baby

Homemade Carrot cake

Cake and alcohol free champers

Sleeping beauty

Almost all done

Yummy Goodness

My gifts - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 , book cover, micro DHC card, earphones

Booklet, charger and plug

My new Tab

Getting started

Yep so now all I need to do is figure how to Blog from it and we are all sorted!!!! Thus far I figured out with the help of my brother

- I can use it as a phone
- Use Windows 8
- Facebook
- Skype
- Pinterest
- It takes amazing photos
- Has great sound
- YouTube
- And since it has wifi, I just need to put in a sim card and I am pretty mobile with it.

There are other great features but for me the above is very important. As is figuring out how to get Maya to sleep more hours during the night and less during the day. I swear she sleep perfectly during the waking hours uninterrupted but come night time, HoneyChild wakes every 2 hours.

Peace, Love and Tablets


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Funny thing is...on the same day 31 years ago...I was being born too!!! Happy birthday twin ;)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday fellow Gemini twin!!! Hope your day was special.


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