Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 weeks today!!!!!

'Trust what moves you most deeply'.- Sam Keen


My little Nona (nickname for her) made 3 weeks today!!!! Such a big girl now, even more so that I have had to pack away her new born clothes as most don't fit her anymore. We have basically figured each other other out, its simple. She rules and wins. Her wake up times, meal times, changing times and nap times. Its all in 4 hour segments. Anyways below are new pictures of her at 3 weeks, wearing a cute red and white Sailor outfit that her ouma bought her. 

Ready for my close up

All in white

cutest socks ever!!!!

Get ready now.....

Money shot!!!!!!!

See all that natural hair? Cant wait to play in that. Maya recently let me brush  her hair so I know she is all into the hair like her mama. Hair and Nails all at 3 weeks!!!!!!

So there we have it, 3 weeks old and already trying on dresses. My little Fashionista!!!!!!

Peace, Love and Sailing Away

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