Thursday, May 2, 2013

A week in photos and updates

'Take care of all your memories, for you can not relive them'. - Bob Dylan

Hi everyone

This is just a quick update with pictures about my first week. First onto pictures

One week old with Oupa

Meeting mama for the first time

Two days old

Look at that hair!!!!

Fast asleep on oumas shoulder

My little thinker

first wipe/hair wash (day 4)

Nice and clean

Going home from hospital

trying out her bassinet at home (not  happy)

So now onto what has been an amazing yet daunting week thus far..

- I was able to move around the first night, just a few steps to the bathroom and back, then by day 1 I was completely mobile. We left hospital on Friday. She was born on Wednesday.

- My bandage came off but stitches will fall off in about 2 weeks. I am down to half my pain medication and have been on my feet walking up and down since I got back. I went in weighing 80 kg and am now 75,3 kg  Not bad for 8 days.

- Her cord fell off on Day 6.

- She has gained a lovely amount of weight, during these 8 days. She has 30 grams left till she reaches her birth weight, which is super!!!!!

- She eats about every 3 hours now. Sleeps most of the time.

- My breast milk has come in (this apparently takes longer if you have had a c-section or difficult delivery But don't quote me).

- She only ever cries when her diaper is dirty or wet, she no likey!!!!!

- I have only washed my braids once and the rest of the time I keep then up and out of my way. No time for them, but will make a plan next week to do something about that.

- Her hearing test was perfect.

- She likes tummy time for short periods but prefers to lie on my tummy.

- I personally think she can smile already and some how keep her head up, but that's just me lol.

Hospital bag.

You'all remember that hospital bag I packed before I went into hospital? Well I didn't use half that stuff. Seriously. That was a waste of time and space!!!!!!! I only really used my tooth brush, iPod, camera, slippers, maternity bra and clothes I went in with not to mention for Maya, only her coming home clothes, one blanket, the car seat and one change of outfit. That's it!!!!! Nothing more!!!!!

I have managed to fill out her baby journal already with little notes on what I find interesting like her cord falling off, my first pumping experience, her first bath etc. So cute!!!!! I hope she likes my hand writing!!!!!

So that it for us.  

Peace, Love and Memories

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