Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spirulina Update

'Discovery is the ability to be puzzled by simple things'.

- Noam Chomsky

Hi and Goodmorning

So, the reason why it took so long to do a Spirulina update was because I really wanted to make sure that they were trully working before I do a post about them. And they are. I began taking the pills after much research as well as asking at the health store about them. The people here are very helpful and always seem to know about everything, or steer me to another place where I can get more information.

Now the recommended amount of pills on my container said to start with 2 pills and gradually after a few weeks go up to 4 and then 6. Which I did. One of the first few things I noticed with that my energy levels were pretty high, and that my skin was getting tighter and firmer around my face and as I began to take more my whole body was firming up skin wise... also the added energy makes me want to exercise more ( Seriously, I just feel so energized that I want to get up and do something, walk, Pilates, jog.... often times, I find myself heading off into town and coming back late in the afternoons lol). I read that some people don't really like the added energy especially at night time and reduce the pills before going to bed, with me, I didn't really notice much change. All I know is, I still sleep good!!!!!!

But most noticeably was that my nails were growing quite fast. At first, the sides would chip but as I began taking more pills during the day, my nails would grow harder (in a good way) and much much longer. As for my hair, I have been taking my Aloe Juice drinks in the morning, my Spirulina pills throughout the day and my hair concoction around the same time, so I cant really say whether or not the pills have aided in my hair growth. But I do know, my hair is much fuller and very strong now than when I began my regiment. Everything is working well together, I guess.

Onto Nail pictures, please note, I just got out the shower, so my hands are bare. And yes, I will file my nails soon and put some color on them babies.......

I just love them!!!!!!!!!

One of the biggest changes I have noticed with Spirulina was my appetite, I am eating less (which is good) but I am more fuller. So my portions are small (which is the way it should be lol) another thing is that normally after taking my pills I feel parched and drink lots of water. Now, see, I am not a big water drinker (Bad Bad Bad girl) so feeling thirsty after taking the pills is great because I know I am getting my required amount of water per day. Some days more water and some less, but at least I know I get my drink on lol. Another benefit is my 'regular bathroom' situation - will not go into this. But am doing fine. One benefit I heard and read about was that Spirulina is great for people with allergies, now for me, some green grass, a right kind of blowing wind, would have had my reaching for my tissues and tears in my eyes, but Its July and I have had my allergies in check thus far. I am still continuing with my pills and I will continue to take them for a very long time. Its working, so why stop now?!!!!!!!

Blessings, Joy and Energy


  1. Girl, you have been mad busy! Nails looking nice! And all the benefits you have been reaping...good going, Twin!

  2. Thanks, I try. As for the nails, they just need some color and then its on!!!!!


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