Monday, July 4, 2011

Individual hair braids

'Hair brings one's self-image into focus, it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices'. - Shana Alexander

Good morning and Happy 4 July to my American followers!!!!!

So on Thursday, I did individual braids and 'dusting' on my head. Basically what I did was just to braid my own hair and take the ends and maintaining the tips. Well actually, I was cutting the split ends (don't need to sound so bougie)!!!!!! I did this because my last trim was in March when I did my roller set and flat iron, so I was really in need of a trim. But I didnt want to go through the whole process, so 'dusting' was easier. Not sure where the term comes from, but I have heard it on hair blogs and Youtube. Anyways, onto pictures.....

Looks neat don't it?
Have to maybe re-braid this week.......

I washed my head first on Wednesday and left the Vatika coconut oil work its magic overnight. Then Thursday morning, I got to braiding. That evening, I spritzed some of my water, glycerin, aloe and oil mixture and called it a night. Now since Thursday night till this morning Monday, I just spritz when needed and before I go to sleep.

The great thing about this style is when it begins to unravel, as some braids are, I can just re-braid. So this is definitely a low maintenance style for me. Also, as you can see the ends aren't curly, they are wavy. This is after moisturizing them with Water/Aloe Vera and Oils. So I guess this means my natural hair texture is changing huh? I read that someplace, that hair does that. You may be born with with a certain texture and as you grow and your body changes so does your hair. Which in fact totally makes sense. Anywhoooo, I am off to check out more YouTube Video's.

Peace, Blessings and Change


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