Friday, July 1, 2011

So then I bought two......

'Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive'.

- Carolyn Wells


Its Friday and I am very happy, more than just that its weekend. But because I bought my Aloe Vera plant!!!!!!!! ( insert applause and a woohoo here) And best bit, it was on SALE, so I bought Two!!!!!! Take a look at my new babies.

I think I will name them: Georgina and Felicia
This little guy I saw in my street, I was tooo scared my flash would scare him so I didn't get any closer.
Ahhhh, am so happy now. Like really, I got my plants. I will nurture them, love them, take care of them, and when the time comes, I will cut them open and get out the lovely healthy goodness that is these leaves. Mornings like this are why I wake up.

Now excuse moi, I am off to replant my darlings and whisper sweet nothings to them to help them grow faster and stronger. Ohhh I may play some jazz, soul or RnB. That Felicia, she looks like she can hang with some Marvin Gaye.

Blessings, Joy and Aloe


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