Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Shoes!!!!!!

'Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy'.

- Abraham Joshua Heschel

Good morning All

Its a new month, so that means new shoes lol, but for real, doesn't it seem that I either buy or receive new shoes almost every month since I decided to stop wearing build up shoes???!!!! Anyways, these two pairs where given to me by my mom on a recent trip to Lithuania (see where I get my travel bug from). My folks had called me from there and asked my shoe size..... well, never one to refuse anything free I said, a size 34 or 35 depending on the cut. And luckily for me, they went with the smaller size and these fit perfectly.

Yep I got me some small feet, and I get mines from the kiddie section, but I look at it this way, when my Prince Charming falls helplessly in love with me at the ball and my shoe falls off as I am running down the stairs and he searches the whole land for me, Believe Me, ain't no other women gonna be able to Fit into my SHOE!!!!! Its my one true guarentee in life. I will be the only women with that shoe size......Onto pictures of my new babies.

Man these babies are asking for bell-bottom jeans, a loose white flowy top and flowers in my hair!!!!!! Age of Aquarius!!!!!!

Love, love, Love the color on these!!!!!!
Its getting serious in the shoe department people!!!!!!!!!! I ain't playing, I am just getting started. Wait till I learn to walk in heels then its really on. See right now, I am just starting slowly, flats, sandals and a little heel, just giving my feet time to get used to wearing proper shoes, but soon, Bam, this Queen is gonna be Setting it Off in High heels. Now excuse me whilst, I go look at designer shoes and check what the smallest size's they have...........

Blessings, Peace and High Heels


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