Monday, June 13, 2011

What's my secret.......?

'Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you'.
- Oprah Winfrey

Good Morning All

So lets just into it shall we (lets also forget that I didn't blog much last week: Two words. Sun and Summer). I recently blogged my hair disaster right, about how my scalp is so dry and my hair wont do nothing, would not hold a style, well it was touch and go there for a minute. I really was about to get the scissors out and do a 4th Big Chop. But I persevered and just gave it a few days and tried something different.

And now I have a little Secret......... Aloe Vera Gel!!!!!!!!! Darlings, let me tell you, I mean, I did a post on it. I know the plant, I know the benefits, I have been using the stuff. But it was only after I was at a loss did it really come together. And the best part, I am not just using Aloe Vera for my hair, but for my skin and I drink the stuff also. So I definitely getting all the benefits....... my skin is smooth, silky and blemish free, my hair feels great and my body is doing what its supposed to (we wont go into details....... but I drink my juice twice a day. Morning and Night).

Let me just explain what I did and am now doing.
Hair: I decided to just stick to a few products for now. Jojoba oil, Amla oil and Aloe Vera gel. I wash and condition my hair as usual. Then I mix Jojoba and Amla in my hands and apply that into my wet hair and scalp. Next up. I take some gel and work it through my hair, either crunching it, or brushing it through with my Denman. Then I either tie it up in a bun, or do a wash n go. This seems to work for me, my scalp is back to what it was, its no longer itchy or dry, my ends are wonderful and overall my hair looks shinny, healthy and Beautiful!!!!!! Just look at the pictures below.......

Now, for my skin.
I mixed Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil and a few drops of Argan oil. I apply that everyday to my skin. I have been doing for a while now. A few weeks actually. So my skin, is seriously glowing, its beautiful and ohhhhhh so soft. Babies ain't got nothing on me y'all!!!!!!!!!

And I am still drinking my Aloe Vera juice. And I am also taking my Spirulina tablets...... (update post coming soon).

So the point of this post? Get some Aloe people!!!!!!! Actually, I am now on the lookout for the actual plant, so I can plant that for myself. I don't play. I am about to have me an Aloe garden, y'all!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Please note, I am no doctor, no scientist and no hair guru. I only know what is working for me. Everything on my blog is my opinion, my thoughts and my conclusions, after doing my own research. Everyone, is different. What works for me, May or May not work for you. Please Do not take my word as Law.

Blessings, Joy and Simplicity.


  1. Hey, Sis. Love this post.
    Love those jewelry pieces you are showing off around your neck!

    I am not an aloe vera fan. Growing up, mummy would give me a small piece to alleviate some of the pain during my monthlies. (That soft slimy cool feel...arrgghh!) I'm sorry. This is bringing back memories.

    Some questions though: Do you do your juice from scratch - peeling the aloe, blending etc?
    Or is this an aloe juice you purchase from the health food shop? The way you are describing this thing has me thinking the aloe in Sweden must be sweeter. LOL! I feel like I'd give the juice a try.

    During summer, I'll try the mix you did for the cream as long as I can get the ingredients. I've never seen Argan oil here. Do I just ask at the health food store for "Aloe Gel"?

  2. Hey Twin!!!!!!! well the juice I have, I got from a friend and its already made. I have two kinds ( one that is plain concentrated Aloe Vera and another that is mixed with peaches and apricots) I started drinking the plain one and found the taste not to my liking ( its a bit too sourish) so I add orange juice to it.

    However, I know here in Stockholm, if I walk into a health food store, I can normally find the Aloe Vera juice in the fridge or sometimes you just need to ask.I had to ask for the Aloe Vera gel, that was behind the counter. I would say, ask for both, Aloe Vera Gel for hair & skin and Aloe Vera juice to drink.

    But I really want to get the plant and start making my own gels (which I know, you cut the bottom of the plant, get rid of the first bits - these are a brownish/darkish colour which isn't good, but this is followed by the actual gel...... the Prize/ The good stuff - the gel)Anyways, I will be getting a PHD this week in Aloe Vera research via YouTube and Google and find out how to make juice from the plant. Of which I will do a post about.

    As for the skin mix - what I have noticed is, if you can get Shea butter, coconut milk, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Gel, that will work also. The thing is all these products work well individually by themselves for skin and hair, but I wanted to really go for 'gold' and mix everything. As for Argan oil, try asking for Moroccan oil, its the same thing as Argan (but in some places its called Moroccan oil). Hope this helps...... as for the jewelry, girl, gonna post bout that tomorrow!!!!!


Thank You for your comment!!!!!!!