Sunday, June 5, 2011

I proudly rep for team Natural!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Ohhhh, I thought I should do a hair blog just showing how far I have come with my hair........ Its one of those days.... you know, when I am looking a little extra hard at the creamy crack box or flat iron or scissors thinking 'I cant do this anymore, just let me get it all straight or start again'. Yep, I have had hair disasters y'all!!!!!!! In Finland I tried to do a two strand twist and it only lasted 2 days, but that wasnt the worst!!!!!! Can it get worse you ask?!!!!! H E double Hockey sticks Yes!!!!!!!

My scalp is dry , itchy and I have flakes. I mean. It just happened overnight, like literally. It wouldnt hold a style, was dry as a desert (and I come from a desert country, so I know DRY). Nothing wants to work. No wash n go, no twist, no bunning (that looks like crap now). I did think about braiding my hair, but summer has started and I aint trying to kill my self for no hair (meaning its way to hot to have braids/extensions/yarn in my head).

Whats the plan, you ask? No clue. I didnt want to have to break into my London stash just yet, was hopping to save them for winter and keep with my oils, butters and so forth, but it looks like I may need to start using the products and figure out something. Otherwise, I will be rocking hats, turbans and headwraps all summer long!!!!!! And its hot y'all!!!!!!! Let me put it this way, Namibia is a desert country, so when I say Sweden is hot, you better know, I know what I am talking about.

Now, let me just look at my pictures and remember and celebrate how far and how long I have come. I have tried to keep these photos in the order of my hair journey......

Bald Head - Big Chop 08
Shaved sides and little on the top 09
in 2010 I had my hair in braids or
cornrows. This was taken late 2010
My first roller set since my big chop - 2011
Flat ironed hair before my first trim since Big Chop - 2011
My bob - after my hair cut.
Before my Indigo treatment - 2011
My first Indigo treatment - 2011
My first attempt at two strand twisting.
Wash n go - 2011
Twist n curl updo.
Braid out high bun
Twist n curl with cute accessories.
Thats it really, just need to keep reminding myself that I have come a long way since my first Big Chop in 07. Will keep you guys posted on what I decide to do with my hair, or better yet, if anyone can give me any suggestions. How to work with humidity, heat, new hair styles, new products (that can be found in Europe lol), please feel free to post a comment. As for me, will keep on keeping on.

Blessings, Joy and Strength.


  1. Really beautiful! It's amazing how time flies. Photos are a wonderful thing indeed.
    You had me thinking there for a moment: "I wonder if I should...take these locs down...and rock a kinky coily braidout!"
    I've gotta keep loc rockin'! *Smile*
    Your hair looks great!
    Keep on, Sis!

  2. Gurl, you have no idea, I was like, seriously, I have Big Chopped 3 times maybe the 4th will be better, or a relaxer would do it for me right now. But then I just thought back to how far I have come and how I really Really REALLY don't want to have to deal with a Short TWA or transition again (not that I have a problem but its took a LONG time to get my hair this length!!!)so ya, just need to find something else that will work for the summer months. good thing here is that Summer aint that long hahahhaha, so it will be back to protective styles soon enough...... ohhhhhh let me not jinx my short summer before it even starts!!!!!!! Pictures really do it for me. You gotta keep loc'ing sista twin, I am living through your hair. How you do me like that?!!!!!


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