Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Products for summer

'Of course there is not formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings'.

- Arthur Rubinstein

Hi and Goodmorning

So in dealing with my hair issues, I did some research and went shopping. The plan for summer is basically, oil my scalp and see what works. Let me backtrack, my hair is going through some ish. It wont hold a style, its dry at the scalp but oily at the hair. It will only curl with lots, lots and I mean lots of products in it. I am currently dealing with 3 different type textures (curly, wavy and straight) and I think that wavy and straight may be winning.

The thing is, when I wash my hair and dry it loose without anything in it. It drys wavy and straight. Like seriously....., I can give relaxed ladies a run for their money with my natural hair!!!!! Then when I add products (a whole lot) I got to fight it to make it do something. Which only lasts me that day and maybe if I am lucky 2 or three days. Case in point, that wash n go? Yep, that looked cute that day, a hot mess a few days later, and that was after re-moisturizing and adding more gel. Or my mini twists which I just did on Thursday, and I wrap my hair at night and cover my head with a scarf and hair bonnet? That's coming undone. And I was hoping on keeping the mini twists in for at least 4 weeks. I do have the scalp issue cleared up and my hair is lovely and shinny. But I really don't want to be adding products everyday to make my hair do something it clearly doesn't.

Anyhoooo I went in search of some stuff for my hair and here is what I got......

It looks great from the top though ;-)
My new Haul.
Castor oil - The Latin name is Ricin.
Vitamin E oil
Hair oil - This has Ayurveda herbs such as Amalaki fruits : Bringaraj, Brahmi, Vacha and Sesame oil (this will get a post by it self)
Sweet Almond oil
Vatika - Enriched coconut hair oil (been reading and hearing great things about this baby)
Pure Glycerine

So, I am at this point with my hair, that curliness doesnt matter anymore. I just want healthy hair that grows and if whats coming out my scalp is wavy or straight, then so be it. I will keep the twists in as long as I can and then see what to do afterwards. I may braid my hair again and keep that in for a few weeks or maybe 2 or 3 months, alternating between cornrows and braids. I think my best course of action is just to oil my scalp and keep my hair moisturized, and my hands out of it. At least until December, when I will be 2 years natural, then at that stage be at a better position to gauge whats going on. I know from my last Big Chop in 09, that when I would just leave my hair alone and do very little to it. It does its on thing. Very well.

I am still remaining Natural ladies, it just means my natural hair is more wavy/straight then curly. I made the decision so see this through and I am sticking to it. Besides, Miss India said ' I am not my Hair', Y'all!!!!!!

Will update hair and do reviews soon on the hair oil (which my scalp and hair loves!!!!!!!) as well as the coconut hair oil.

Blessings, Love and Natural State of Affairs.

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