Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Hair pictures!!!!!

'You cant punish yourself into change. You cant whip yourself into shape. But you can love yourself into well-being'.
- Susan Syke

Hi All

Ok, so everyone knows that Aloe Vera Gel is my thang right? But untill I get the plant, I had to make some short cuts. Why? Well because I use my aloe Vera gel in my skin mixtures so I am running low (which is why, I am on the lookout for the plant). Anyhoooo, I bought some IC Fantasia , Hair Polisher Styling Gel which has Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Wheat Protein in it and boy did it make my curls pop!!!!!!! Pop as in Popcorn!!!!!! Pop as in Champagne pop!!!! Pop as in POP!!!!!! Check out the pictures!!!!!!

This is how I parted my hair (don't worry its not a bald spot or anything, I just parted it this way lol)
Was feeling myself at this point.......
See those curls? Pop is my new name!!!!!!!
Basically, what I did, was wash my hair and use my Leave in Conditioner from Aussie and then work the gel through my hair. No comb, no brush, just my fingers and I was good to go.
I will do a proper review after I have tried this product a few more times, but for now, I am happy as can be y'all!!!!!!!! The shine, the curls, the movement!!!!!! I cant fault it. Its soooo seriously my summer product. Me is very happy ladies.

Blessings, Joy and Curls.


  1. Happy that you are finding products and methods that work for your hair type and lifestyle.

    Not sure if you been over to the blog, but I just thought of you. Think you might like some of the natural hair accessories. Drop me a comment/thought if you take a look.

  2. Girl, trial and error..... am heading over to yours to check it out. Been mad crazy this week....Have a fabulous weekend Twinnie!!!!!!

  3. The curls look so bouncy! I have always been a fan of ic fantasia products! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Mizz Entice, I am quickly becoming a fan of IC Fantasia as well!!!!!! Thankx for the compliment.


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