Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TAG!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to try one!!!!!

'It's the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they're gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it's my turn to leave'.
- Tupac Shakur

Ohhhh morning everyone!!!!!

So I saw on my twin's blog (Naturaleza) about this tag and I really want in on it, so here goes!!!!!! We share the same birth date, We Gemini's!!!!!! Anyways....... Let's begin.

A - Age : 29
B -Bed size : Queen size ( ummm fit for a Queen like Moi)
C - Chore I hate: drying dishes, I have no problem washes them but man, I hate drying.
D -Day I like the most: Wednesday
E - How I like my eggs : Scrambled
F - Favorite colour : ohhhhh I guess brownish/gold/yellow (somewhere in-between)
G - Gold or Silver : Gold
H - Height: 1, 52 cm, I is a bit on the short side ;-( )
I - Instrument (one I love to hear): The Saxophone ( I find it soooooo so grown up and sexy)
J - Job title : At the moment in between and student.
K - Kids: Not yet
L - Live: Stockholm, Sweden
M - Mom : Revival
N - Nicknames : Chris, Chrissy, Desh, Nadesh
O - Overnight stay at hospital: Yes, many many many times lol.
P - Pet Peeve : Dishonesty
Q - Quote from a movie: Nobody puts Baby in the corner ( Dirty Dancing - First prize I ever won, was a VHS of that movie)
R - Right or left handed : Right
S - Siblings : 3
T - Time I arise: I set my watch for 8:00. My brain arises at 11:59.
U - Undergarments : That's my thing. Forget the shoes and the bags....... Give me Victoria's secret!!!!!!!
V - Vegetables I don't like: Aubergines / Eggplant ....... yuk yuk yuk
W - What makes me run late in the mornings: I used to be a kindergarten teacher, and I used to set my watch always 10 minutes ahead, but come flu season....... Then its on. That and what to wear.
X - X-rays: Yes
Y - Yummy food I like to make: Mixed seafood with creme fraiche, cheese and white wine sauce with pasta . Its my comfort, go to, just stay in and eat from the pot, feeling blue food. If it asked me to marry it, I would. Gladly. It would a marriage made in hips to die for HEAVEN.
Z - Zoo : I always try to go where ever I am, its because in my country we don't have zoo's we have National parks. So Zoo's interest me.

So, that's Me. Link me and Tag along!!!!!!!!!

Blessings, Love and Randomness


  1. Thanks, Chris!
    I enjoyed reading this! When you do 'Y', Fedex me some! I love seafood in white wine sauce.

    And the sax...hhmmm...sexy indeed. The notes are soothing.

  2. Oh yum, that seafood recipe sounds divine! Don't really eat seafood - but I'd definently have to give this one a try. ;) Love the part about Victoria's Secret...you go girl!

  3. Ohhhhh that really is a fab recipe darling, make enough to share. Somehow, my siblings never got any when I made (though I did leave the washing up to them......so nice being the eldest).


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