Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Goodies!!!!!

'Whoever said money can't buy happiness simple doesnt know where to go shopping'.
- Bo Derek

Hi Everyone

So on a recent trip with my parents, we visited a shop that exports goods from South Africa and Zimbabwe. My mom wanted specific spices and a three legged black pot and I went just to have a looksee. And well, I found some lovely new goodies for myself. Have a look........

These fabulous new necklaces
This gorgeous bag!!!!!
These little painted soapstone shapes.
A new Tea to try out.
A yummy smelling Rooiboos & Honey Soap. It smells sooooo goood!!!!!
The place that I went to also boasts in its own restaurant that specializes in African cuisine, namely from Southern Africa, as well as the shop sells dried fruits, spices, chutney's and tons more stuff. I took lots of pictures, so will hopefully do a post about the place very soon.

Blessings, Peace and Shopping


  1. OHHH! The necklace!!! And the bag is beautiful, Chris! Lovely!

  2. Wow...you are spoilt, those little things look so cute!! It looks like a mini Christmas ;)

  3. Hey Mel, I am pretty sure you could find them in Stellies or Cape Town. They are just handpainted little soapstones which come from S.A.


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