Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Must be faster!!!!!

'Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to respond to it'. - Anon

Hi everyone

Wow, today was certainly an adventure!!! Early this morning I went to register for my course, so I had made an appoinment to be there at 11 and I knew from Nigeria to plan well ahead. So off I went in search of a rickshaw or 'Tuk Tuk' and well, I couldn't understand why every Tuk Tuk kept passing us by - I was with someone. And finally one 'Tuk Tuk' driver let us know that they were on strike today!!!!! so it would be difficult to get a car. So we waited and waited and waited and finally we got one. I had to pay more than I normally would because they are on strike, but it was still affordable. And off I went in search of my learning center.

This was my wash n go - still wet, with only conditioner in my hair.
So after registering, I wanted to figure out my route since my classes begin on Thursday and what I noticed was I could either take the subway or the bus. So I opted for the bus, which was way cheaper. Only 20 INR (Rupees) 10 to go and 10 back, and lets just say.... the bus was still moving when I got on. It doesn't come to complete stop and you gotta be fast on it. Luckily for me, the route I am taking has a lot of traffic and lots of people take the bus, so many buses come through, about every 5 to 10 minutes. So I had to pay my 10 Rupees and then I was told (by the person that I was with) that the left side of the bus is for ladies. Which is great!!!! Also there is a sign by the windows that say its for ladies. And then I got to seating and people watching as well as traffic watching. My ride to school and back to the house is about 30 minutes each way and about walking 2 to 5 minutes. So all in all. I am good with time. My classes begin at 10:30 and go until 14:00 including Saturdays. For now, I have Sundays free.

The people on the bus were seriously beautiful. I mean colorful clothing, gorgeous hair, great skin!!!!!! Different contrasting skin tones in gorgeous shades of browns. After coming from Sweden, I notice skin tones more now. Don't ask me about it lol. Most people kept to them selves, some were sleeping (it was pretty hot), some on their phones, some chatting among themselves. The bus got quite full and there were people standing. I will try and take photos of the inside once its a bit more emptier. I am still shy when it comes to taking such Public fotos. So today's lesson is to be fast when I get on the bus. and try and get a seat, otherwise I will be standing for half an hour!!!!!

So then I came home and here's what I had for lunch.

Filled with potatoes and very light curry. Not toooo spicy

Kingfisher Lager beer - very nice and light for a sunny hot day like today. It went down very well.

Chicken and Veggies Samosas.Yummmy.....

So, that's it for today in my Adventures of New Delhi. I am off to book a sight seeing tour for Tomorrow so I can finally see the wonderful sights of this town and see an Elephant!!!!! I am on the lookout for Elephants!!!!!

Blessings, Sunshine and Traffic

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