Friday, February 24, 2012

I am in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'And then the great thing of my life was going to India' - Beatrice Wood

Hi all

That's correct, I have moved to New Delhi, India!!!!!!!

So lets begin with my flight shall we? So, I 'woke' up at 4 Am and got ready, then my folks and my brother took me to the airport. So after hugs, kisses and take care of yourself's. I was off, for 6 months!!!!! I left rain and heavy snow, for sunshine and warmth.

The first leg of my journey started off a bit slow, our flight was delayed due to de-icing. But was in such a great mood that didnt faze me.

Then after 2 and half hours landed in London and waited another 2 hours for my flight to New Delhi. The plane was pretty empty, considering it was a double decker plane, I didnt even know those existed. Anyhoooo I had a row all to myself. Which is always nice. There were babies and small children, but no Wahala (I think we have discussed this word).

After getting some warm food into me and a small bottle of red wine, I was good to sleep. Which I did for 5 hours!!!!!

Then I woke up and decided to watch some movies. What did I watch? A cooking program and the kids film Madagascar. Then I listened to some Frank Ocean - if you don't know who he is, get to know him. His music is beautiful. I was recently introduced to him and I love his sound and music.

Afterwards, some food was given and I got my grub on. Next thing I know, we are given immigration forms to fill out and the plane is landing. My trip seemed so much shorter than the 13 hours I was flying and waiting, sighing, watching my cellphone for the time, sighing, get the idea. Then it was.....

Good-morning New Delhi!!!!!!

I landed here at 1:25 and got to my new home after 2 Am.

Ohhhhhhhh, I am all about signs right!?!?! So as my flight was landing, I looked out the window and there was in a little corner Fireworks going on!!!!!!! I swear, I thought I was dreaming till I keep seeing bright Blue, Red and Green fireworks. If that isn't a sign than I don't know what is!!!!!!!

Next up, first shots of New Delhi and what exactly I am and will be doing here. Till then


Blessings, Love and India

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