Monday, February 20, 2012

Hair Challenge and preparing my hair

'The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you have to express gratitude for'. - Zig Ziglar

Hi all

Three nights and counting!!!!!!! So right now, I am in the middle of packing and I decided to challenge myself. Due to limited suitcase space, I have decided not to pack my hair rollers, blow dryer or flatiron. Instead, all I will take along, are my Denman brush, hair clips, bobby pins, hair scarves, wide tooth comb, banana clip and paddle brush. As for hair products, all I am taking is a small conditioner, Argan oil, Shea butter and Jojoba oil. Everything else I will get where I am going to. Believe you me.

I want to challenge myself to a 'No direct Heat' challenge for 6 months. I would try for a year, but lets go with 6 months for now shall we. Last year, I only flat ironed my hair 3 times and blow dried it twice. So I am pretty sure I can manage that. But roller-sets are what will be the most difficult for me.......;-(.

I kinda prepared my hair today. I had had it in a protective style with chunky twists after taking my braids out. So today, I prepoo'd with Olive oil. And lets just say, I cant stand the smell!!!!!! I lasted about 30 minutes. Normally I go for as long as 45 minutes to an hour. But today was not the day.

Anyhooooooo, then I washed my hair with Garnier Fructis ----- Strengthening Shampoo with grapefruit extract - trying to finish up all my half empty products before I depart. Then I detangled and brushed through with Herbal Essences------ Frizz Fighter conditioner, which I washed out.

After all this was done, I put in some African Pride------- Leave in conditioner (which I still need to blog about) and mixed some Shea butter and coconut oil in my palms and put that through my hair. That. Is. All.
Then I got to braiding. I just did some individual braids with my own hair. Not sure, if I want to do a braid-out for my trip or if I will keep my hair like this through the weekend.
Tied my hair up for the night. Tucking the ends in. I did a dusting (cutting the ends of my hair ) session when I removed the braids.

Ok, thats all for now. Need to figure out which shoes go and who stays. Its SOOOOOO Hard!!!!!! decisions decisions.

Blessings, Peace and Packing

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