Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hair Porosity

'Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning'.- Benjamin Franklin 

Hello March!!!! Ok its the 3rd of March but still hi!!!!

So I got curious the other day when I saw a test about hair porosity and I wanted to know what it is and do the test. I am a curious being by nature. I had to know. 

So what is Porosity?

Well, its your hair's ability to absorb moisture and the porosity id broken into 3 categories: Low, normal and high. 

This is a test you can try to see where your hair fits in

Glass of water

strand of my hair (am in serious need of a manicure!!!)

put it in

and its just floating, staying on top. 

So according to the test I have low porosity. My hair just stayed at the top. Didn't even try to go lower. I got the sads after realizing this. But knowledge is power!!! So after doing more research the only real thing I need to change is to do more hot oil treatments and if possible get a steamer for my hair. Everything else I am already doing. I use a liquid based leave in and I use a light oil to seal my ends. I already use silicone free conditioner and sulfate free creams.

Please note: Images were taken from Google images.

Smile, Love and Porosity

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