Monday, March 9, 2015

Drummer girl

'We are all gifted. That is our inheritance'.- Ethel Waters

Hi All

So over the weekend, Maya and I went to our neighbors son's 5 birthday party at a local restaurant. It was a good party, good food and lots of screaming and crying kids. The restaurant hosted over 5 different children s parties. Below are a few shots I took. 

The cake my friend baked for her son. She did this!!!!! Talent!!!!!

The set up

Maya playing in the kiddie area

Ready to go

Another angle of the cake

Yummy and so tasty

Fun fact: This restaurant, at a certain time the wait staff comes over to the birthday person and starts to play the drums, chant and sing. So they had left their drum in the middle of our table and My girl went over and staying drumming away!!!!! Just like that. On her own. In a crowded restaurant!!!!!

My little drummer girl

My musician

Now its time for ice cream

Have some

I love that Maya is so independent and willing to explore and not shy. She totally surprises me everyday. Never a dull moment with her. I am truthfully very Blessed.

Love, Ice cream and Drums

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