Monday, September 23, 2013

Stockholm metro art: Thorildsplan

'The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude'.- Friedrich Nietzsche

Hi all

New week, new metro stations!!!! And I present to you Thorildsplan. This station has tiled walls inspired by pixelated symbols of computer games and iconic computer symbols - Pacman anyone? These were created by artist Lars Arrhenius in 2008. 

When you get to the station you find a beautiful warm greeting by way of a huge sun relief which is behind the tracks. This was done by Huck Hultgren in 1975.   Onto pictures

The station

Sun relief

 Beautiful passage



Going into the passge

Happy clouds


Going through from the other end

I love this entry way

Exclamation point

Question mark

Message sent

So sweet

This is such a happy station, I mean all these bright colors and happy images. It was my first time to get to this stop and I couldn't believe all these fun little icons. I will hopefully go back for another quick stop.

Peace, Love and Art 

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