Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 months old today!!!!

'A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities'.- Eda J. Le Shan

Hi all

So, its the 24 and the Love of my Life has turned 5 months today!!!!! My beautiful baby girl makes my morning so pleasant, my days filled with new surprises and my nights longer. Her smiles lift my heart and her laughter is truly magical, every time she laughs we all want to know what is so funny. And boy can the girl 'talk'. She can tell a story!!!!!! She gets so excited when she 'talk's. Her whole face lights up. Its like she has been waiting for such a long time to be able to express herself. She is truly the apply of her grandparents eye and such a little darling to everyone she comes across. Below are some pictures of my little miss. 

My fav smile

Staring deeply into my eyes

My little Angel 


Smiling for oupa

Maya and her favorite guy

Out at an open air concert

Dressed for the weather

My princess

holding her own bottle

Trying out her seat for our bikes

Unsure but safe

Ready for the pool?

Floating butterfly

On the bus


Sitting comfortably

Kisses to Blessing (her doll)

Lady in Pink

Ohhh, I am on it!!!!

Ready for winter

I think I am warm enough people!!!!

Smiles in a box

My mini me

Feeding herself

With uncle Mike

Dinner time

 Yum Yum Yum

What you looking at?

See that curly hair?!!!!! I can't wait to play in that hair. 

At 5 Months Maya can
- Roll Over very well
- Sit by herself for a little bit
- Loves exploring with her hands
- Very expressive
- Babbles, giggles and laughs
- Let you know when she wants your attention.
- Extremely social
- Has been to an open air concert (loved it and even sang)
- Very easily distracted (works well, when I am putting on her clothes)
- Has her own sense of humor
- Feeds herself
- Has certain food preferences (  puree - sweet potatoes Yes, broccoli No!!!! )
- Very good eye vision
- Favorite toys
- Favorite songs
- Sleeps very well at night (not so good during the day)
- Yoga may be in her future

All in all, a wonderful 5 months have we had with Miss Yemaya, cant wait to see what else she holds over the next few weeks and months. I still cant believe that I gave birth 5 months ago. I am still in awe. Wonderful bliss.

Peace, Love and 5 Months of Bliss

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