Friday, May 1, 2015

Its May!!!!!

'Let's take the day off, just because...'- anon

Happy May Day!!!!!!

So on this public holiday, I am back online after a short break. Honestly real life is taking its toll on me and I cant find the time to Blog. That's the truth. So here and there I will blog when I can. May day is the beginning of my favorite month after April. Because its when my birthday looms over. My birthday is also on a Public Holiday - Africa Day 25May - just in case you wanna holla at your girl.

Did I ever mention about the birth-dates in my household. Well we celebrate birthdays on the 24, 25,26,27 and 28. Not all the same month but we follow each-other. 24 April - Maya, 25 May - me, 26 July- my dad, 27 July - my brother and 28 October - my sister. Only my mom and brother in law share the same birth-date and month which is 14 March. We are a random bunch.

Ok thats it.

Enjoy this day. Stay safe. Stay Blessed.

Peace, Love and May day.

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