Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hair set back

'Oh the horror!!!!!'- Anon

Happy Thursday

So I hope you got a chance to look at the hair pictures I posted this week. Well about the hair, my sister and I decided to trim my ends and give my hair some shape. so I washed my hair and set it in about 6 thick braids and when that dried (the next day) I unraveled each braid and rolled in the section. About 3 section per braid. When all was dry, we decided to flat iron the hair on a very low setting and use grape-seed oil and her heat protectant. Then we flat ironed the hair.

All was going good, until B(my sister) came to just below my crown towards my nape. She told me my hair had broken off so much down there it was a TWA!!!!!! The rest of my hair was fine and reached armpit length. But I had about 3cm of hair that is about 4cm long. So Its either I cut the whole hair off so that its one length meaning go back to TWA and start ALL Over AGAIN or she just trims everything as best she could as well as the offending part. Which is what we did. Because honeychild, I have been in the hair game for 6 years!!!!! And I aint going back to TWA not now. It was a sad day.

 Don't know how it happened or when it broke off. I keep my hair in buns but I try and change the buns every few nights. I keep my hair loose when bunning and I sleep on my shoulders and not the back of my head. Right now, I am taking a break from doing my hair. I will hopefully have it either cornrowed or in braids with extensions for a few weeks and see how that works out for me. Or I braid my hair into french braids but the point is this shouldn't have happened.

I would be lying if I said I wasnt personally hurt by my hairs actions. I am deeply offended that this hair which I care so much for, spend so much money on and treat with the utmost respect, Did this to me. I take it as a deep hurt. We ain't on speaking terms. Me and this hair are on a separation if you will. I still love it but we cool for now. It needs to show me we can work together. That is all. So will still do some hair stuff maybe I will get some new products and do reviews later on after my braid/cornrows. But really am taking a break from my hair.

Yep, setbacks are not nice. Really not nice. Let me leave now before I get all emotional all over again. I mean I was on tract to bra strap length!!!!!! I had my sights on mid-back length by December!!!!! Why Why Why!!!!! I'mma go now.

Peace, Love and Set backs. 

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