Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My morning

'I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck'. -Emma Goldman


I had a rough night last night Baby Afropean kept me up and awake, which is great on one hand because I know baby is  active and moving and I need to count the kicks but the timing sucked, we talking bout  2 am to about 5 am with breaks in between. So what a wonderful surprise I got from my Boo, to wake up to gorgeous roses on my bed!!!!!! I swear, I seriously lucked out with my man. I am truly Blessed. 

My gorgeous morning gift.

close up

To date I have received red roses, huge sunflowers and daisies from him, including numerous breakfasts in bed, songs, random dances, cute notes and foot massages. And each time, I am well surprised and its unexpected but always Always appreciated and warmly Thanked.  Now its off to bed and  to give Thank  to my Creator for Blessing me with such an amazing man and father for our child. Its days like these I look forward to tomorrow, because its always a surprise. 

Blessings, Joy and Roses

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