Friday, March 22, 2013

33 Weeks!!!

'May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely than this our own country!' - Daniel Webster

Hi All

So Yesterday was the 23 Independence Celebrations of Namibia and here is what I wore. The celebrations were fabulous getting to spend time with other Namibians here in Stockholm. Loved it and best part was that the celebrations were at an Ethiopian Restaurant and we had a live Musician - Namibian who is currently living in Norway. So it was all good. I can now take off try Ethiopian food off my food bucket list. Onward to the pix......

Side view

Just my bump

Front view

My hair was gelled in the front with IC Fantasia Gel and Put into a puff. The top is an African print/wax from Zambia which I paired with black leggings. And my earring are made from bottle tops and have an image of an elephant on them with the name Namibia printed under the elephant. 

My gosh time is going so fast now!!!!!! Seriously, from the 24 of March I will only have 30 days left till Afropean Baby is here. Am seriously so excited. Everything is ready, my hospital bag is packed, can hardly see my feet anymore (which is an indicator that my bump is mos def growing lol. Baby Afro is keeping me up at all hours and my back, hips and boobs are definitely ready for baby lol, but will just be a bit more patient for the next few weeks. 

Peace, Love and Growth

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