Monday, March 11, 2013

32 Weeks Pregnant!!!!!

'Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world will you turn out to be'. - Carrie Fisher

Hi All
So we are in the last stretch, am officially 32 weeks pregnant, with about 6 weeks left!!!!!! Cant believe it, I remember when I was 6 weeks Pregnant and I had my first doctors appointment after taking my home test - I loving-ly call it pee on a stick thingie. And now baby is kicking away and keeping me awake at all hours of the night. I love those moments and feel so special since baby doesn't like it when anyone else puts hand to tummy!!!!! This baby knows mama's hands. I think that is one thing I will miss terribly after I give birth. Onto pics......

Us at 32 Weeks

My lovely bump.

All grey.

So I went to see a specialist about my leg and it was decided that I am definitely having a c-section, I knew this already in Windhoek, so no surprises there. Actually it was a pretty quick decision with this doctor, he asked me to get on the bed and lift my leg stretching it backwards and folding it as though I was ready to give birth, That didn't go too well, my leg was shaking so bad and the pain was intense at my hip area. Couldn't even lift the leg off the floor and that was at 28 weeks plus looking at my x-rays, it was a done deal.Moreover I am back to wearing my built up shoes because it seems my left leg is back to being short again. Am hoping this is a short term thing I mean after all the work I put into stretching it out and doing my leg exercises!!!! But alas, will see what happens after April   So now, I have my date, my room booked and in April will meet up with my team. And when time comes for Afro-pean Baby to be born, my sis will be in the room taking pics and perhaps my mom if they allow a second person or if sis cant handle the job.

Surprisingly, I aint scared so much about the operation, more about getting the needle in my back, so not looking forward to that but I gather at that point, I will just be happy to do anything to get Afro-pean Baby in my arms. Plus I have done so much reading about c-sections and Swedish birth practices as well as my midwife being super excellent with me that I am well prepared. All that is needed now is rest, food, maternity bra's and getting through these next 6 weeks.

Peace, Love and Excitement    

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