Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Products part 1

'It is the nature of babies to be in bliss'. - Deepak Chopra

Hi All

So we are just under 30 days then Afropean Baby will be here!!!!!! Hectic times these next few weeks will be for me. I have about 5 weeks left. So you guys should know me by now and know I am all about natural products for my skin, my insides and my hair and the same will be for baby M - my Love has a name picked out already. 

My stash 

We are going the cloth diapering route - here is one of the 3 different colored ones we got.

 This has settings that can be adjusted according to babies' size as it grows. 

The cloth inside that gets washed

 It can be placed into the top part and bottom part
 Instructions on how to wash and care for the cloth diaper

Burt's Bees- Shampoo & wash (Natural 99.0%)

BIO2 You- Baby Nappy Diaper Cream (100% Natural oils and extracts)

Note: these little guys my folks got from a hotel they were staying at in Lithuania

Himalaya Herbals - Moisturizing baby soap (oils of Olive and Almond)

Himalaya Herbals - Nappy Rash Cream (Almond oil & Yashada Bhasma)

Himalaya Herbals -Baby Lotion ( Almond oil and Olive Oil)

Himalaya Herbals - Nourishing baby oil ( Olive oil & Winter Cherry) 

As baby gets older about 4 or maybe 6 months will start introducing  my natural oils and butters to it. But coconut oil will be in heavy usage with the cloth diapers. 

Here are a few reasons why we decided to go the cloth diaper way: 

- Cloth diapers saves a lot of money. 
- Cloth diapers grow with baby they are adjustable from new born up to toddler years. 
- They can be put on just as easily as a disposable diaper
- In my opinion they are healthier for the tushie (bum) than disposables
- Allow more air flow which results in less rashes
- They fill up less landfills, poo goes where it needs to go right in the loo. 
- Less pollution - no need to throw away. These can keep for years and can be reused for next baby even. 
- They are just so cute and fashionable, so many colors and prints to choose from!!!!!
- I was cloth diapered, as was my brother and sister and my man and my folks. And I really want Baby M to be as well. 
- Washing cloth diapers isn't hard. 

Please note these are my opinions after careful consideration. I did my research and weighed up my pros and cons. Also the products that Baby M will be using were all bought and paid  for and nothing is a paid promotion. 

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