Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking a Blog Break

Good-morning everyone

I just wanted to let you all know, I will be taking a break from today till September 12. I have assignments and exams coming up and I need to focus on that for now. I may also have a very special trip/journey/move coming up ( so please keep your fingers and toes crossed and Hope and Pray that all goes well ;-) ) Will let you know in due time about that one though. For now, I may come on here just for quick updates and whatnot, but seriously it will be far and in-between!!!!!!!

Quick updates:

Hair - I have my hair in micro mini twists. Its the smallest twists I have done thus far and since my camera isnt here..... well actually, I will take a few shots with my phone or use Rocco (remember him? my moms camera) and post ASAP. Also, for now, I am planning on keeping these in until I am done with my studies, so I guess by the second or third week of September or if I can manage it till October ( and take them on my trip.....ohhhh shhhhhhhhhhh wont say nothing for now ;-)). I used my SheAloe mix to do the twists and am only using Coconut oil and Castor oil on/in it. As well as rose water as a daily spritzer, I want to see what will happen with the rose water only, as well as the other two oils. So that's what's up on the hair front.

Leg - since coming back from Switzerland and Austria I have noticed that my leg has stretched out more, thus my limping is a lot less. I gather I have about a centimeter and some change to go. Will hopefully try and incorporate some Pilates and get back into Yoga during this down time to finish the stretch and strengthen my muscles as well as get more flexibility with my left foot (remember its been in shoes for years and I never used it much) so everything I do with it feels strange and somewhat uncomfortable. But I keep keeping on. I am a soldier girl!!!!!!, Before the end of the year, both my legs will be the same length and I wont be limping anymore. Believe me on that!!!!!!!!

Skin - my skin is seriously glowing right now, its more smoother and soft than when I first began with my oils and butters. Some scars are fading away nicely and stretch marks are turning slightly lighter (always good). This summer has been good to me, ohhhh I also only use my SheAloe mix on my skin. And I am getting some African Black Soap soon (straight from Ghana - that's how I roll y'all!!!!!!!).

Nails - I had a booboo and broke a nail, it was bad. I cried. So I had to cut them all off and start again. Then I really cried. I could have just left them, but I kept seeing 9 long fingernails and this one short/small one. And I just couldn't handle it, so I just trimmed them all down to the same size. They are growing pretty quickly though, which is great for me.

Blessings, Love and Prayer


  1. Hey, Sis! Wishing well in your assignments and exams! Don't be gone for too long though.

  2. Hey Twin. Thanks for the well wishes!!!!! Just step by step day by day, thats my motto.


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